Q. How much can I expect to make consigning at Lucy's?

The money you make from Lucy's depends entirely on what you consign & how often. As a general rule, we try to mark most items at half their retail value, then deduct for any wear. For instance, an unworn pair of Ariat cowboy boots would retail for $140, we'll mark them at $70. Our top consignor made over $2,500 last year!

Q. Do men really consign?

You better believe it. Two qualities that both genders share are vanity and frugality. While most of our consignors are of the fairer sex, we welcome gentlemen and their gently used items. Men's causal clothes sell well. Current style men's dress clothes are accepted depending on space, but we do not accept men's polyester suits.

Q. Can I consign furniture?

Due to a lack of space, typically we do not accept furniture. But, never say never! Email us or call 605-347-5623 to double check. We might just have the space for your unique piece!

Q. What if I don't live in Sturgis, can I still consign?

You betcha! Click here to read about how Lucy, our founder, got us started more than 30 years ago.

Q. How many new items are consigned every day at Lucy's Nearly New?

Every day is different! On peak days, we can take in as many as 300 new items every day. On an average day, we take in approximately 100 new items. Always something new, always a sale! What other local boutique can make this claim?

Q. So what's new and exciting?

Prom season! 2013 was our first prom season we accepted dresses and it was a success! Such a success, we're doing prom season bigger and better in 2014. We have a special Saturday planned, complete with refreshments, hair, nail, & tanning specials.

Q. What's next?

We have no idea, but it's always something... We welcome your suggestions on what we can do to make your Lucy's experience better all the time!

Q. How do I check my account?

The easiest way to see what has sold is to simply stop in. Our staff can tell you how much we owe you from your consignment and you can collect on the spot! (Please bring a photo ID). They can also give you a printout if you are interested in the details of your account.

Q. What happens if my items don't sell?

Items that don't get snatched up after 45 days are marked down to half price. For those 45 days and 5 days after, we split the profit of the sale of the item 60/40. 60% to us to cover the cost to sort, tag, and market your item to the next owner and 40% to you as a thank you for consigning it. After 60-90 days, unsold items go to our favorite local non-profits.