Who is Lucy?

In the early 1980's, Lucy Sundstrom was a housewife, helping her husband manage his construction business and babysitting out of her home to help subsidize their income. Lucy noticed that as her daycare children would grow, their mothers would sell the items the children had grown out of to mothers of younger children. A high chair here and there, clothing, toys that no longer held their children's attention – items with plenty of life left in them. The mothers could sell their unused items for a little extra money and the new owner could enjoy using it at a fraction of the cost.

Lucy had the insight to create a space to make what these mothers were already doing easier. With that, the attic of Lucy's home daycare became the first Lucy's Nearly New Shoppe. Soon women weren't just exchanging children's items, they were bringing in clothes they themselves no longer wore, household items, and even men's clothing.

Lucy's Old Store

Lucy's Nearly New Shoppe had out grown the attic! To devote herself to the budding consignment shop full-time, Lucy left the daycare business behind and purchased a building on Main Street. Along moving to a bigger location, Lucy developed a paper system for numbering the consignors, logging what they had brought in, and what had sold – the same paper system we used until 2012 when we switched to a computer system.

Since 1997, Lucy's Nearly New has called their current location on South Junction Avenue home. We've made some changes over the years… Lucy has retired, we no longer sell children's items, we now stock some new merchandise along with our consignors items, and we've gone digital. But the premise of Lucy's original idea remains the same, a place for our consignors to make some extra shopping money and our shoppers to find a great deal they can't find anywhere else.

Our inventory changes every week. Stop by today to see what we have to offer today!